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Watch Your Breath


Sound Healing

Singing Bowl

Group Sound Healing class

Immerse yourself in a group sound healing session led by our experienced practitioners, featuring a variety of instruments and frequencies to promote relaxation and inner harmony. 

  • 1 HOUR Group Sound Bath: Relax and surrender to the healing sounds and let the stresses of life melt away.

  • This is BYOC: Bring your own comfort such as a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, etc. ​

  • DONATION BASED PAYMENT Recommended: $20-$40

Individual Luxury Sound Healing

1 HOUR Session

  • PRICE: $135

  • Upon arrival the client and practitioner may set intentions for the session based on the client's needs and goals. These intentions may focus on areas such as stress reduction, emotional healing, pain relief, or spiritual growth

  • The practitioner will then begin the sound healing session by using a variety of instruments and techniques to produce therapeutic sounds and vibrations. Weighted tuning forks are included and placed on the areas needing attention.


Guided Yoga

Donation Based

pick what you pay,

starting at $15 

Pick Your Class

choose between A.M. or P.M. availibility

Stand Out

limited class size allows for intimate relaxation 


purchase a monthly pass for discounted class rates

Book by Schedule

check our class availability

Take the Plunge

Try Our In-Studio Cold Plunge

Experience the refreshing and revitalizing effects of the SubZero Cold Plunge. Book your session today  and embrace the benefits of cold therapy in our open studio.

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